The different courses/workshop that we offer includes: -

  1. Introductory Course in Translation Principles (ICTP):
    1. Exegesis
    2. Draft and keyboarding of bible
    3. Team checking and preliminary testing
    4. Basic paratext checks and back-translation
    5. Consultancy checking
    6. Community testing and reviewing
    7. Translation Checking workshops NT x 2weeks
    8. Translation Checking workshops OT x 3weeks


  1. Introductory Course in Applied Linguistic (ICAL):

We have organized linguistic workshop known as ICAL, (Introduction Course on Applied Linguistic) the course has four stages that enable translation work.

  1. Pre-ICAL- the collection of words, the use of the Wesay and Say more software program.
  2. ICAL 2 – the use of Phonetics and Orthography in translation x 5weeks
  3. ICAL 3 – the use of Grammar & Dictionary Making in translation x 5weeks
  4. ICAL 4 – the use of Literacy track and Discourse Analysis x 3 weeks.


  1. Literacy Principles

The Literacy workshops have a lot of program in line, as to what area to cover varies,

  1. Illustration of Big book for awareness of story like,
  2. Production of Primer Pro data collection.
  3. Production of newsletter
  4. Organize teacher/writers training
  5. Reading and writing materials
  6. Keep literacy and other publication materials in public for distribution and awareness.
  7.  Organize seminars and refresher course for all literacy coordinators
  8. Plans for community and church literacy sections.


  1. Workshops,
  1. Basic Computer training workshop x 2weeks
  2. Beginners Paratext workshop x 2weeks
  3. ICTP, Introductory Course on Translation Principles x 2week
  4. Ethno- Art (Scripture in use) x 1weeks
  5. Advance Computer training workshop x 2weeks
  6. Advance Paratext workshop x 2weeks
  7. Project Coordinator/Literacy coordinator workshop x 1week
  8. Project Management workshop x 1 week
  9. Vernacular Media Services x 2weeks