Nigeria Bible Translation Trust

Welcome to Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) home page.

We are here to give you all service that you need to achieve the translation of the Bible into your heart language and also to help you people to develop your language from oral tradition into written form.


NBTT Vision Statement

A sustainable and a competent organization enabling holistic transformation of communities, and assessing God's word in their heart languages.




To partner with the Church and communities to access the Word of God for holistic growth through literacy and language development


Concise Thought

“Responding to the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations by translating the Bible into the heart language of every Nigerian”

NBTT Core Values

1.  Reverence for God. All that NBTT seeks to do should be guided by the reverence of God acknowledging him as Lord in all things.

2.  The great commission. The great commission is the bedrock of NBTT’s mandate. Reaching out to the lost will continue to be the focus of NBTT operations.

3.  Faith in God. NBTT recognizes the fact that there are challenges in the Ministry and only absolute faith in God can help them face challenges in the Ministry.

4.  Transparency, honesty, accountability. NBTT will under the power of the Holy Spirit be transparent, honest and accountable to all her stakeholders as a demonstration of Godly attributes.

5.  Mutual trust. Mutual trust will guide all the stakeholders as they carry out their activities for advancement of the work of God in NBTT.

6.  We value Staff that are called, committed and competent. NBTT shall continue to engage Staff who see their work as a calling not as a job to earn a living and are committed and competent.

7.  Wholesome and selfless service to God. NBTT shall uphold wholesome and selfless service of all her stakeholders as they seek to serve in the Lord through the Ministry of NBTT. 

8.  Team work. NBTT respects and cherish the calling and gifts of all people in the Organization. NBTT also believes that no single individual has all that is takes to do the work of God in NBTT and therefore the need to work as a united team to be able to fulfill the mandate of God in NBTT.

10. Service. People are created in the image of God and everyone has the potential to serve God so everyone has the potential of knowing God through the MT Bible.

11. Being made in the image of God, man has the ability of being social and of living in peace with each other.

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