Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world.

There are about 700 languages spoken in Nigeria. 325 of these still do not have even a single verse of the Bible translated. About 30% of these languages are endangered and are becoming extinct.

Nigeria was among the first countries in Africa to form a national Bible translating organisation.  In 1962, the University of Nigeria signed a cooperative agreement with Wycliffe’s partner, SIL International, to carry out language development work. Out of this partnership, the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) was born. In 1976, NBTT assumed the responsibility for Bible translation for the minority language groups of Nigeria.

Currently, NBTT has 107 projects running across the country and is conducting surveys of 42 Language Communities with the possibility of starting  translation work. Due to the growing number of  Bible translation projects, and to decentralize activities from the headquarters, NBTT has decided to split these projects into seven zones across the country, each zone having not less than 12 projects, headed by a Zonal Coordinator.

The activities carried out in the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust include:

  • Language development
  • Bible Translation
  • Training of translators
  • Vernacular Media Services – recording and production of audio and video Bible versions
  • Scripture engagement activities