Language Programme Department

Mr. Joseph Itumo

Director of Literacy and Language Department.

The department of Literacy and Language Development is a departments that coordinates the programmes in the organization that affects translation and literacy.

The Literacy And Language Development of NBTT is formed in January, 2013 and Apostle John Ofem Obono was appointed the first Director of the department. The department was initially known as the Technical department until that time.

Printing Unit – It undertakes the printing needs of NBTT and all its projects at the field. Languages are often being linked up with Keyman Unicode specially designed for the particular language, these codes are identified by special characters that are customized specifically for those languages.  The NBTT printing unit is designed in such a way to accommodate the printing of special characters for books and materials for Nigeria Languages.

Information Technology Unit – This unit was combining computer maintenance and repairs as well as controlling and managing our internet needs. The Software Unit – is trained to function in assisting language communities to install the necessary softwares and train our field staff on the use of these softwares as well as update the softwares to the most modern versions. NBTT is licensed to use software like- WeSay, SayMore, PrimerPro, Paratext, Bloom, phonology Assistant, Inkey, Keyman, etc We also assist Project in the orthography development and Literacy.

Asset Management- This is a new unit we have just commissioned to take care of all our electronic equipments, Computers, Projectors, Printers, etc. Anthony takes stock of all computers given to language and keep tag of who is receiving what and who needs to be given what.

Translation Unit – This Unit takes care of translation needs of language projects under NBTT and ensures that the projects are moving accordingly towards achieving their goals as well as meeting up with their target period of completion. Every project has a completion period and NBTT steadily evaluate the progress of each project by receiving monthly and quarterly report tailored through a template formatted for such reports. This Unit ensures that consultants and consultancy workshops are organized annually for Old and New Testament projects to provide modern translation update for them. Consultants are invited, trained for the purpose of translation.

Training and Internship Unit – The Trust organizes programs of workshops and seminars every year and the Officer in charge of this unit liaise with the Director to select and recommend trainers and trainees for these programs. He is also responsible to identify those who have been trained or undergoing training to become Consultant in Training (CiTs) in the future translation needs in Nigeria.

The Linguistics Unit – Has not been able to get a coordinator up till now, the Director of Language Apostle John Ofem is combining his administrative job with coordinating the unit. He has been leading a team of linguists from the Department for orthography workshop for language projects.