The different courses/workshops that we offer include:

  1. Introductory Course in Translation Principles (ICTP):
    • Exegesis
    • Draft and keyboarding of bible
    • Team checking and preliminary testing
    • Basic paratext checks and back-translation
    • Consultancy checking
    • Community testing and reviewing
    • Translation Checking workshops NT x 2weeks
    • Translation Checking workshops OT x 3weeks
  2. Introductory Course in Applied Linguistics (ICAL):

We have organized linguistic workshop known as ICAL, (Introduction Course on Applied Linguistics) the course has four stages that enable translation work.

  • Pre-ICAL- the collection of words, the use of the Wesay and Say more software program.
  • ICAL 2 – the use of Phonetics and Orthography in translation x 5weeks
  • ICAL 3 – the use of Grammar & Dictionary Making in translation x 5weeks
  • ICAL 4 – the use of Literacy track and Discourse Analysis x 3 weeks.
  1. Literacy Principles

The Literacy workshops have a lot of program in line, as to what area to cover varies,

  • Illustration of Big book for awareness of story like,
  • Production of Primer Pro data collection.
  • Production of newsletter
  • Organize teacher/writers training
  • Reading and writing materials
  • Keep literacy and other publication materials in public for distribution and awareness.
  •  Organize seminars and refresher course for all literacy coordinators
  • Plans for community and church literacy sections.


  1. Workshops,
  • Basic Computer training workshop x 2weeks
  • Beginners Paratext workshop x 2weeks
  • ICTP, Introductory Course on Translation Principles x 2week
  • Ethno- Art (Scripture in use) x 1weeks
  • Advance Computer training workshop x 2weeks
  • Advance Paratext workshop x 2weeks
  • Project Coordinator/Literacy coordinator workshop x 1week
  • Project Management workshop x 1 week
  • Vernacular Media Services x 2weeks

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