Language Programme Department

This Department is under the Directorship of Rev. Saul Samuel.

The Language Programs Department coordinates the programmes in the organization that affects translation and literacy.

The Literacy And Language Development of NBTT is formed in January, 2013 and Apostle John Ofem Obono was appointed the first Director of the department. The department was initially known as the Technical department , then Literacy And Language Development and now Language Programs Department.

The Department has units including:

Information Technology Unit (IT) – This unit combines the function of both computer maintenance and repairs as well as controlling and managing the internet needs of the Trust. The IT Unit – is trained to function in assisting language communities to install the necessary software and train field staff on the use of these software. The Unit also routinely updates the software to the most recent versions. NBTT is licensed to use software including: WeSay, SayMore, PrimerPro, Paratext, Bloom, phonology Assistant, Inkey, Keyman, etc.

Translation Unit – This Unit takes care of the translation needs of language projects under NBTT and ensures that the projects are making progress towards the completion of their projects within the target time frame. Every project has a targeted completion period and NBTT periodically receives monthly and quarterly reports from the language projects to evaluate the progress they are making. This Unit also ensures that consultants and consultancy workshops are organized annually for Old and New Testament projects to provide modern translation update for them. Consultants are invited, trained for the purpose of translation.

Training and Internship Unit – The Trust organizes programs such as workshops and seminars periodically and the officer in charge of this unit liaises with the Director to select and recommend trainers and trainees for these programs. The unit is also responsible for identifying those who have been trained or undergoing training to become Consultants in Training (CiTs) to meet the future translation needs in Nigeria.

The Linguistics Unit – This unit mobilizes our team of linguists to conduct orthography and language development workshops for language projects.

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