Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT)

Upcoming FY2015/2016



Dec 3rd – 12th

Kalaam Media workshop

December 12th


December 18-January 3

Christmas break

January 11th – 18th 2016

Project Management workshop

February 1st – 12th

Basic Computer

February 15th – 22nd

Beginners Paratext 1

March 6-19

Consultant Seminar

March 7-25

Hebrew Level ב

March 7-25

Beginners Greek

March 18-19th

Exhibition Convention and Music Festival/ Fundraising

March 28th –30th & April 4th5th

Bloom workshop for Literacy Coordinators

April 6th

April 9th

Training the Trainer

Literacy workshop

April 11th -22nd

Advanced Paratext


April 25th – May 14th

New Testament checking at NBTT

16th May to 10th June

Practical Tone Orthographies workshop

June 6th - 24th, 2016

Old Testament workshop - Focus on book of Ezekiel.

June 28th – 29th, 2016

Wycliffe Global Alliance- West Africa

Leadership meeting in Nigeria

June 30th

Open day/ Prayers

Public Relation Department

July 1st

40th Anniversary Celebration

July 4th -July 22nd, 2016

2Corinthians NT Workshop

August 1st – 21st, 2016

OT/NT Consultant Checking Sessions

29th August – 4th September

Computer Maintenance workshop